"Thanks so much for once again offering a free week of free horse camp for children whose families are involved in the Anoka County Child Protection System. "                                                     Suzanne Tuttle Manager of Children and Family Services Anoka County

"Thank you or making my boy's dream come true"                    Chris Vincent

"I cannot  even begin to describe the lessons I have learn in my time spent at the stables These programs have helped shape me into the person I amtoday, so much of who I am, what I believe in, how I see the world, and what I want to be..... This has not only change my life but also the lives of so many others. It provides a place free from judgement and stereotypes, a place where kids get to simply be kids and a place to fit in, a place to belong,...…."           Kelsey S.  now a school teacher

"...It has also been amazing to notice that the benefits of the day camp program have extended beyond the classroom. Horse camp at the stables have taught all my children responsibility as well as respect for other people. The camp environment has always nutured the development of good character, while having fun- a perfect formula."                          Donna Clearman    M.S. R.D.

"For most of the kids [who came out today] it was the first time they had ever seen a horse up close, let alone get a chance to ride one."                            From:                

"It is wonderful when children can be taught the benefit of positive behavior and have it illustrated and reinforced through such an unforgettable experience."                       David L. Fronnsoe  



"Between myself and the instructors at Anoka, Andover, and Blaine High Schools we brought out close to 1200 students to their farm throughout the years . The field trips were intended to expose the students to horses and and farm life.  It ended up so much more. Jane and Pete have a rapport with students that in my view is unmatchable by anyone I have met in their field. They touch these studends' lives in many ways and provide excellent animal experience for all of the student including those with mental and physical disabilities...."  Dan Foss  Champlin Park High School

"My family recently adopted a thirteen year old girl. She had …experienced trauma at a very young age. She was very shy and reserved, extremely slow to open up and trust anyone. She began to participate in the EQ program and greatly anticipate her weekly riding lessons. She found it difficult to leave the stables once she was there. The environment was peaceful and filled with beauty and people who spoke truth and encouragement into her life. They truly loved on her.                  Pamela Fleagle (PB RC)